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COVID-19 Travel Guidelines for Saudi Arabia


The Grand Festival of Fun and entertainment is back with a bang!

Gear up and plan your vacation now for all the exclusive experiences.

Lightening up the ever-radiant cityscape of Riyadh, the Riyadh Season brings you a long celebration of the country's culture, lifestyle and its people. It is all the fun you need on a vacation. So, get ready to immerse in its striking colours and party the way you like at different leisure zones.

Riyadh Season will be hosting hundreds of events across numerous entertainment zones. Here, you have thrilling rides, shopping complexes, exhibition centres, safari trips, combat games, global cuisine, cinema and theaters and everything else you can imagine of. You will also have international concerts to attend, cultural shows and plays to witness, and restaurants & cafes to chill out at.

We invite you to go beyond the limits of imagination, because the events, activities and surprises that await you this season will be the largest in the region!


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Activities and Offers

Savour wonderful activities at Riyadh Season 2022 along with beautiful excursions out in and around the cities of Riyadh, Jeddah and AlUla with our exclusive tailor-made deals and packages. These destinations reserve a unique world to unfold. Grab these exclusive packages and get ready to take a plunge into a world full of gorgeous beauties. Roam around popular attractions and satisfy the traveler in you.

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Plan Your Trip to Saudi Arabia.

Simply fill in the form & get instant call back from our travel specialist.

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Plan Your Visit to Riyadh Season

Riyadh Season 2022 FAQs

Riyadh Season 2022 is a city-wide celebration in the capital of Saudi Arabia and is all about fun and entertainment. It is hosting more than 7000 events across 14 different zones. From combat games to shopping centres, exhibitions centres to fairs and restaurants to concerts, it focuses on catering to every kind of tourist.
The Riyadh Season 2022 will run from October 2022 until March 2022. It is all set to provide about 64 hours of entertainment through different events and programmes.
The major events one should look forward to attending at Riyadh Season 2022 include Riyadh Car Show, Crystal Maze, Khaloha, The birds Garden,Messi10 Cirque De Soleil several international concerts and many more.
The Riyadh Season 2022 is being hosted across 14 different entertainment zones. The list of the names of zones include The Boulevard, Via Riyadh, Combat Field, Riyadh Front, Winter Wonderland, Al-Murabba, Riyadh Safari, Al Athriyah, Riyadh Oasis, The Groves, Nabd AlRiyadh, Qariat Zaman , Al-Salam Tree and Al Khalouha
Coming soon...
The Riyadh Season 2022 has been organised keeping all the safety protocols in mind. It is also following all the COVID-19 related safety measures and hence, it is completely safe to visit the country and enjoy the grand celebration of Riyadh Season.
Dubai expo 2022 is a global exhibition cum fair that aims at promoting innovation and technology for a better future. However, Riyadh Season 2022 is a grand celebration of the country's culture, history and traditions with the aim of promoting leisure tourism in Saudi Arabia.
You can explore all events and festivals happening in Saudi in one calendar at (https://calendar.visitsaudi.com/en)
All the venues of Riyadh Season 2022 are located in the close proximity of Riyadh International Airport and hence, they can be covered by a car within 30-40 min.

Welcome to Arabia a land of adventure and unique experiences

Saudi is the authentic home of Arabia, a destination of redolent of the mystique and romance of ancient civilizations, rich in iconic locations and unexpected stories delivered with the unparalleled hospitality for which Saudi people renowned.

From Al Jouf in the north to Jazan in the south, travelers will find arid deserts and lush valleys, clear seas and rugged mountains, ancient archaeological sites and modern architecture, haute cuisine and street food.

Riyadh City

Riyadh, the capital city, is the political and administrative centre of Saudi Arabia and is no less than a small wonder in itself. It is one of the most beautiful Middle Eastern cities where visitors have a buffet of stupendous attractions. Look at tall skyscrapers touching the sky here or get lost in the lanes of centuries-old forts and buildings.

Riyadh caters to different kinds of travellers. With its vibrant markets, parks, museums and lakes, the city attracts families as well from around the country and beyond.

Visit now and unravel the lively landscapes of Saudi Arabia and Riyadh.

Plan Your Trip to Saudi Arabia.

Simply fill in the form & get instant call back from our travel specialist.

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Riyadh Season COVID-19 Info


Congrats, travelers From the United Arab Emirates are now eligible to enter into Saudi Arabia and have a great vacation!

However, if you are a GCC resident, you would require an e-visa (https://visa.visitsaudi.com)

No Visa is required for GCC nationals.

Things you need to have to enter Saudi Arabia

  • Have a valid tourism visa obtained before arrival. Visa on arrival remains suspended for health and safety reasons.
  • Provide a negative PCR test conducted no more than 72 hours before departure.
  • Provide COVID-19 insurance.
  • Vaccine certificates issued by official health authorities from the country that provided the vaccination for incoming travellers must be provided. The final dose (the second dose of a two-dose vaccine or the first dose of a single dose vaccine) should be received no less than 14 days before travelling to Saudi.
  • Download and register the Tawakkalna application before arriving at the point of departure.

Precautions to Take While In Saudi Arabia

  • Wear a mask all the time while at public places.
  • Sanitize your hands frequently.
  • Use the Tawakkalna app in Saudi to check the health status of others in your surroundings.
  • Follow all health advisory and travel guidelines of the country.
  • Always cough into your elbow and wear a mask.
  • Immediately report any symptoms of fever, cough, and breathlessness (if you have any) to the nearest medical authority.

Important Notice for visitors travelling to Saudi Arabia on a Tourist Visa

  • All visitors arriving in the country with a valid tourism visa must provide evidence of a full course of the vaccines currently recognized: 2 doses of Pfizer BioNTech or Comirnaty | 2 doses of Oxford AstraZeneca, Covishield, SK Bioscience or Vaxzevria | 2 doses of Moderna or Spikevax |1 dose of Johnson & Johnson
  • Travellers who have completed two doses of the Sinopharm or Sinovac vaccines will be accepted on the condition that they have received an additional dose of one of the vaccines approved in the Kingdom mentioned in the above paragraph.
  • Travellers should carry either their vaccine certificates or proof of vaccination status via applications recognized in Saudi Arabia.
  • Conditions and guidelines to enter Saudi Arabia are subject to change anytime without any prior notice. Hence, make sure to check all the latest COVID-19 updates before your travel.
  • If you are fully immunized against COVID-19 with vaccines approved by the WHO but not recognized in Saudi Arabia or you have received the first dose only of any of the vaccines recognized in Saudi :
    1. Travellers who do not hold Saudi citizenship or residency must undertake a five day period of institutional quarantine in a designated hotel. The quarantine will be lifted upon a negative PCR result on the fifth day after arrival.
    2. Travellers are advised to book the quarantine package through the airline on which they are arriving.
    3. Travellers who hold Saudi citizenship or residency must undertake a five day period of home quarantine. The quarantine will be lifted upon a negative PCR result on the fifth day after arrival.