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Spring Break Packages

Spend your 'Spring Break' with a heart full of love and a bag full of travels. Feel the fresh Spring breeze as you experience the time of bloom at some of the most gorgeous destinations on the globe. We have crafted the ideal packages for you to spend your Spring Break exactly the way it is meant to be. Book your favorite Spring Break package now!


Celebrate spring break in the exhilarating landscapes of Georgia

The quote "old is platinum" is truly meant for Georgia! Witness the cultural heritage of Georgia which is a melting pot of European and Asain essence. Welcome spring break with a soulful holiday in Georgia. We have it all covered for you - a pleasant stay at a 4* hotel, complimentary breakfast, private airport transfer, and more.


Discover the scenic history of Azerbaijan, the land of the holy fire

Welcome to a holiday in Azerbaijan! Cherish unforgettable moments at fabulous attractions such as Azerbaijan Disneyland, the Gabala Amusement Park, and more. Encounter the pristine Nohur lake, spend a few hours visiting the seven beauties waterfall. Discover Baku and its surroundings.


Immerse in ancient history and the picturesque charms of Armenia this Spring

Come to Armenia, the beautiful landlocked geopolitical country tucked away at the foothills of the Caucasus mountains. Get hypnotized by the snow-capped hills that showcase a marvelous contrast of eye-catching landscapes. Explore the oldest Cathedral in the world perched on a hilltop and several ancient monasteries.


Discover the mystique and treasures of Turkey this Spring

Come and discover the treasures of true Turkish delight. Turkey, with plenty of landscapes, shopping, sultans palaces, dance, and laughter, is a treat for the heart and spirit. Stay in the comfort of a 4* hotel with our all-inclusive Turkey Spring Break Special package. Experience a blend of the modern and the ancient as you stroll through the capital and imbibe the vibes of two continents, Asia and Europe.


Discover the prestigious bygone settlements of Egypt

Spend your Spring Break exploring Egypt, the land of one of the most ancient civilizations on Earth. Marvel at the architectural wonders and rich history that date back to the early centuries. Sight the most beautifully crafted millennia-old legacies, massive desert spreads, time-worn towns, sprawling renovated cities, and its bygone cultural essence. Experience Egypt and its magnificence with our all-inclusive packages.


Capture the captivating beauty and holistic delights of Sri Lanka this Spring

Get stunned by the geography of this South Asian gem, Sri Lanka. The compact island country is surrounded by the Indian Ocean, the Bay of Bengal, and the Arabian Sea. Sri Lanka is a beach paradise and the scenic coastal line attracts numerous beach lovers around the world every time of the year.


Tour in the sensationally ravishing archipelago of Maldives

Maldives, a South Asian country and a prominent tourist destination invites you for the most wonderful Spring Break ever. Explore the Maldivian Archipelago that comprises 26 natural coral atolls and a collection of 1,192 coral islands in the Indian ocean. Get stunned by the unparalleled beauty of this island nation.


Umrah 2 Nights Spring Break

Have a wonderful spiritual experience with our exclusive Umrah package of 2 nights. We provide luxurious comfort in a 5* stay, economy class air ticket, airport transfer, complimentary breakfast and also take care of your every need. Have a blessed journey, perform Umrah and gain fulfilment and blessing.


Umrah 3 Nights Spring Break

Experience the serenity of a pilgrimage to perform Umrah. Our tour provides you with a comfortable and superbly serviced 5* accommodation along with close proximity to Masjid Al Haram and the Holy Kaaba. We also ensure a convenient airport transfer to your hotel.


Welcome Spring in the exotic locales of Amsterdam & Paris

Take a memorable trip to Amsterdam famous for its Golden Age canals and treasure-packed museums. Stroll through the charming alleys of Paris, have a picnic at the park, admire its unique art and architecture. Cruise through the canal in Amsterdam and the romantic River Seine in Paris, create timeless memories at the Eiffel Tower, Place De La Concorde, and more.


Enjoy spring break in the heart of Paris & Switzerland

Take a fairytale holiday to Paris and Zurich. The holiday will be a destination off your bucket list with stunning landscapes and breathtaking nature's bounty. Visit the magnificent Eiffel Tower, cruise on the River Seine, take the half-day guided Zurich city tour, and see Champs Elysees, a 'heaven on earth'.


Marvel in the allure of the beauty of Greece

Holiday with us on a perfect Greek trip to Athens, the capital to explore 5th-century landmarks like the hilltop citadel of Acropolis. The city is the very epicenter of powerful civilizations. Explore historically important structures that are beautifully curated. Visit old age sculptures and relics of ancient Greece. Explore the serene island of Santorini and get swept away by the panorama of a volcanic mountain. Hop on to Mykonos for exciting nightlife and delicious cuisine.


Explore the breathtaking scenery in Greece

Explore Greece and have a memorable Mediterranean holiday in the eternal locations of Athens, Santorini, and Crete. Enjoy the sightseeing and city tours of Athens with its ancient historical charm that will enchant you beyond imagination. The holiday will let you explore the Greek-Roman ruins. Explore the spellbinding natural vistas of Greece.