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Azerbaijan Holiday Packages

Azerbaijan is an ideal destination to go on a holiday. The country caters to every kind of tourist. Whether you are looking to explore ancient culture or human evolution or desire to have some fun time with your family and friends or feel romance in the air, Azerbaijan is one place for all. With our Azerbaijan tour packages, explore its modern complexes and age-old wonders. Take note of walled cities or go lost in the beautiful Caucasus Mountains. Our Azerbaijan travel packages bring you excursions full of fun and thrill.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) About Azerbaijan Tour

How to reach Azerbaijan?

Baku Heydar Aliyev International Airport is the main airport in Azerbaijan and has flights coming from across continents. You can take direct flights from places like Russia, Turkey, Bahrain, Georgia, Kuwait and more to reach Azerbaijan.

Looking to know how to reach Azerbaijan from UAE? Well, you can take a direct non-stop flight from Dubai. There are also connecting flights from Abu Dhabi and Sharjah.

What is the best time to visit Azerbaijan?

April to July and October to March are the best times to visit Azerbaijan.

What are the main places to visit in Azerbaijan?

Some of the major places to visit in Azerbaijan include the National Art Museum, Gobustan National Park, Baku Eye, Baku Hammam, Qabala and Azerbaijan Carpet Museum.

What are the top things to do in Azerbaijan?

Go horse riding the Caucasus Mountains or explore its virgin nature trails. Visit Baku and take note of its beautiful skyline and also explore its street markets and food. Shop for carpets and other souvenirs.

What are some interesting facts about Azerbaijan?

  • Sugar is considered quite auspicious in Azerbaijan and that's why everyone in the country has a sweet tooth.
  • Azerbaijan is quite an old country with a history of humans living here appox 1.5 million years ago.
  • Azerbaijan is home to more than 400 mud volcanoes.

What is the name of the currency of Azerbaijan?

The currency of Azerbaijan is Azerbaijan I manat (AZN).

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