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Latvia Holiday Packages

Escape to the magical land of Latvia, a watery wonderland with a myriad of lakes, waterfalls and rivers. The country lies between Estonia and Lithuania in the Baltic region of Northern Europe. Join one of our Latvia tour packages to enjoy its geographical diversity, including Ventas Rumba, Europe's widest waterfall, Kemeri National Park for its bog boardwalks, Drubazas Winery, the contemporary Riga capital city and Jurmala, a resort town known for its beauty among other attractions. The best Latvia holidays include exploring the vast expanses of wilderness, Nouveau architecture, ornate castles, stunning beaches and the beauty of unspoiled coastlines. Also, if you are looking for a unique adventure, our well-designed Latvia holiday packages offer a rejuvenating road trip across the Baltic Circle. Let us help you have the best Latvia holidays for an unforgettable experience. Book now!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) About Latvia Tour

How To Reach Latvia?

Air travel is the quickest way to reach Latvia, and you can book your direct flight to Riga from more than 85 cities in Europe, Asia, Africa, and America. The Latvian national airline, airBaltic connects Riga to all major airports in Europe and CIS (Commonwealth of Independent States) countries. Riga International Airport in the capital city is the largest airport in the Baltic states and services international flights such as airBaltic, Finnair, Lufthansa, Emirates, Turkish Airlines, and Uzbekistan Airways. Wondering how to reach Latvia from the UAE? airBaltic, Emirates and British Airways are some of the major international airlines that fly between Dubai and Riga in convenient sectors. You could scan from among the range of Latvia travel packages and pick your convenient flight to the Republic of Latvia.

What Is The Best Time To Visit Latvia?

The summer season between June and September has an average daily temperature of 19 °C is the best time to visit Latvia. You can plan your trip in June to celebrate the Summer Solstice with a party called LIGO. There are other summer music and dance festivals like the Baltic Folklore Festival, Riga City Festival and more. Springtime is from April to June, while autumn is from September to October. These months are also inviting for bird watchers as flocks of migratory birds fly over Latvia and nature awakens. Latvia's coldest months are from mid-December to the beginning of March, with average temperatures of -4.6 °C. However, Latvia has its pretty charm covered in snow. Every month Latvia has its magic. So, familiarise yourself with the season before you travel.

What Are The Main Places To Visit In Latvia?

The most popular Latvia travel packages include Old City Riga for history & culture, Central Market (a large market & bazaar), Riga Town Hall Square (a landmark attraction), Jurmala Beach, House of the Black Heads (a historical centre of Riga) and much more. Visit famous cities such as Riga, Jurmala, Sigulda and Liepaja for their UNESCO World Heritage sites, stunning Art Nouveau architecture, beautiful waterfalls, winery tours, and splendid lakes. Don't forget to include the sights of the neo-gothic Jaunmoku Manor, Venta Waterfall, Brick Bridge, Sabile Wine Hill, Kuldīga town, Ēdole Castle and more. Explore the best of Latvia with our Latvia holiday packages that offer customised itineraries at unbeatable prices.

What Are The Top Things To Do In Latvia?

The top things to do in Latvia include food-tasting adventures in the Riga Central Market, hiking tours in Kemeri National Park, a walking tour through Riga for a complete cultural experience, a sunrise tour to the Kemeri Bog and more. Among the best Latvia holidays are fascinating tours of Riga Old Town, bicycle tours from Valmiera to Cesis, canoe rides along the spectacular Gauja River from Cesis to Ligatne, a night kayaking cruise along the Riga Canal and Daugava River and more. Check out our Latvia tour packages for a memorable Latvian adventure.

What Are Some Interesting Facts About Latvia?

  • Latvia has one of the greenest landscapes in Europe, with around 54 per cent of its area covered by forest.
  • UNESCO has designated Riga's old town as a World Heritage Site, with more than 800 Art Nouveau buildings.
  • The Latvian flag is one of the oldest in the world, mentioned in the Rhymed Chronicle of Livonia in 1280.
  • The most popular sport in Latvia is ice hockey.
  • There are a lot of WiFi hotspots in Latvia, so it is the perfect place to get online.

What Is The Currency Of Latvia?

The Euro (EUR)

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