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Rwanda Packages

Rwanda Holiday Packages

The land of a thousand hills, Rwanda is a scenically stunning and culturally rich country in east-central Africa. Through our Rwanda holiday packages, you can witness some of the world’s last living mountain Gorillas amid the bamboo forests of this African nation. Apart from that, the country is blessed with lush biodiversity where the wild flourish throughout its volcanic hills, montane rainforests, and sweeping plains. Travelers can also peek into the history of the country in its ample museums located in one of the continent’s most idyllic capital cities, Kigali.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) About Rwanda

How to reach Rwanda?

The best way to reach Rwanda is by air. The national airline of the country, RwandAir connects the capital city, Kigali to many international airports including London, Dubai, Mumbai, Brussels, Tel Aviv, and more. Get the best deal on flights included in our Rwanda holiday packages.

How to reach Rwanda from Nigeria?

Some of the popular airlines that operate between Rwanda and Nigeria are RwandAir, Ethiopian Airlines, Kenya Airways, and Air Peace. It takes approximately 4.5 hours by air to travel from Lagos to Kigali and the average flight prices between the countries may range between NGN 220,000 and NGN 300,000.

What is the best time to visit Rwanda?

The best time to visit Rwanda is during the dry season between December and February. It is the peak season for tourists to visit the country, so it is advisable to make your booking well in advance to get the best accommodation options and activities. The warm and pleasant weather during this time allows you to enjoy Gorilla trekking and other activities. So, hurry and check the all-inclusive Rwanda holiday packages by Travelwings.

What are the main places to visit in Rwanda?

Rwanda is one of the perfect places to visit in winter with family. If you are a wildlife enthusiast, the place has a lot to offer with its lush forests and unique wildlife. The country also has a rich cultural heritage that you can get a glimpse of at its well-maintained museums. Here are some of the places that you can visit while in Rwanda:
- Volcanoes National Park
- Akagera National Park
- Kigali City
- Lake Kivu
- Nyungwe Forest National Park
- Musanze Caves

What are the top things to do in Rwanda?

There will never be a dull moment on your Rwanda trip. The place has numerous beautiful sights and activities for you to enjoy. Starting from the lush jungles to the idyllic Kigali city, you will have a lot to enjoy on this holiday. Here are some of the popular things to do on your Rwanda holiday that you should not miss:
- Gorilla trekking in Volcanoes National Park
- Kigali city tour
- Spend leisurely time on the shores of Lake Kivu
- Spot chimpanzees in Nyungwe Forest National Park
- Safari in Akagera National Park
- Visit the King’s palace museum

What are some interesting facts about Rwanda?

  • Kinyarwanda is the national language of Rwanda. Other official languages include Swahili, French, and English.
  • Rwanda is a plastic-free country and is exceptionally clean. It is best to avoid carrying any plastic bags, even inside your luggage, as they will be removed by airport officials on arrival.
  • Quite amazingly, the country has the highest percentage of women in parliament comprising 60% of the seats. It goes on to prove the progressive idealogy of the country.
  • Rwanda is one of the only two countries in the world endemic to mountain gorillas inhabiting the wild. The other country is Uganda with which they share borders.
  • With its multiple rolling hills, the country is lovingly called ‘the land of a thousand hills’.
  • One of the most horrific genocides in the world happened in this country once upon a time. You can learn more about it at the Genocide memorial museum in Kigali. The event inspired the story of the movie “Hotel Rwanda”.
  • To promote healthy living and sustainability, the country hosts a ‘car-free’ day each month. You’ll get to see people biking, roller skating, or running on the streets on that day.

What is the currency of Rwanda?

The currency of Rwanda is Rwandan Franc or RWF. The symbols include FRw, RF, R₣.