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France Holiday Packages

Say bonjour to the good life, Alpine vistas, and the world's best cheese with our France holiday packages! France is known to ignite the wanderlust of travellers around the globe with its Fairytale castles, lace-curtained bistros, long-held traditions, ornate architecture, culinary delights, and more. Known for its welcoming people, picturesque countryside, historic museums, history steeped in intrigue and drama, France is a diverse destination that appeals to thrill seekers, history buffs, and pleasure seekers alike. Our France tour packages offer a wide selection of trips to the country full of romance, glamour, and a zeal for life.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) About France Holiday Tours

How To Reach France?

France is easily accessible by air and sea. However, taking a flight is the best way to travel to this picture book destination. Most major airlines offer flights to France and land at either Charles de Gaulle airport or Orly airport.

What Is The Best Time To Visit France?

Best time to visit France is from April to June if you want to experience spring. For those who love to enjoy the autumn foliage, September to November, is the perfect time. However, the climate in France need not be a concern when planning to visit.

What Are The Main Places To Visit In France?

A trip to France is incomplete without visiting these incredible places:
- The historical monuments such as Arc de Triomphe
- Pristine beaches of Normandy and Brittany
- The 12th-century Ch√Ęteau de Biron
- Toulouse with pink-walled houses
- Quaint seaside of Marseille
- Vineyards of Bordeaux
- Lavender fields of Provence
- The romantic Paris

What Are The Top Things To Do In France?

  • Here's a glimpse of the top things to do in France to capture the soul of this beautiful country.
  • Watch the sunset from the top of the Eiffel Tower
  • Go on a river cruise
  • Take a stroll at the old Parisian quarters
  • Discover the different villages in Provence
  • Witness the Serenade at the Versailles Palace
  • Go on a shopping spree in Paris
  • Try cooking French cuisine in Burgundy
  • Enjoy a bicycle stroll around Bordeaux
  • Relish the cuisine at Les Charmilles on a candlelit evening

What Are Some Interesting Facts About France?

  • France is the largest country in the European Union
  • For more 250 years, French was the official language of the UK
  • Camouflage clothing technique was first used by the French army
  • Tin cans, hot air balloons, and hair dryers were invented in France
  • It is illegal to throw away food in France
  • France has the highest number of Nobel Laureates in Literature

What Is The Currency Of France?

Euro is the official currency of France.