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Egypt Holiday Packages

North Africa is home to the country of Egypt which is home to the remnants of one of the oldest existing civilizations on planet earth. Egypt holiday packages allow you to witness archaeological wonders like the pyramids of Giza, the temples of Abu Simbel and many more. Egypt tour packages include tours of the ruins of ancient Egypt which once was home to the most advanced civilization in human history. Book the best Egypt holidays with Travelwings and embark on a journey to the land of mummies and pharaohs!!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) About Egypt Tour

How to reach Egypt?

  • Airlines across the globe offer direct or connecting flights to the serene and historical country of Egypt. Some of the popular airlines that fly to Egypt from around the world include airlines like KLM, Air China, Air India, Thai Airways, Australian Airlines, British Airways and many more.

  • The most economical and time-sensitive way of travelling to Egypt from Nigeria is definitely via air. Some of the top airlines that operate between Egypt and Nigeria include airlines like Gulf Air, EgyptAir, Ethiopian Airlines, Etihad Airways and a few more.

What is the best time to visit Egypt?

The best time to visit and explore Egypt is between October and April when the temperatures are cooler and the weather is pleasant compared to the rest of the year.

What are the major places to visit in Egypt?

  • Some of the major attractions to explore and visit in Egypt include places like
  • Luxor’s Temples & Tombs
  • Islamic Cairo
  • South Sinai
  • Alexandria
  • Abydos Temple and many more

What are the top things to do in Egypt?

Egypt is a unique destination for travellers looking for an adventure away from tourist traps. Some of the most unique things to do in Egypt include activities such as
- Go scuba diving in Hurghada
- Go for a camel ride in the evening at Giza
- Take a guided tour of the Egyptian Museum
- Explore the city of the dead at Zawiyyet-el-Mayyiteen
- Pay Your Respects To The Pharaohs at the Karnak Temples and so much more.

What are some interesting facts about Egypt?

Some of the most intriguing facts about this beautiful country include facts like
- Egypt is building a new capital 45 kilometres to the east to help ease the overcrowding in the city of Cairo.
- Egyptian queen Cleopatra VII was Greek.
- Ancient Egypt holds the credit for creating one of the earliest peace treaties dating back to 1259 B.C. known as the Kadesh Peace Treaty with the Hittite Empire.
- The country is home to seven UNESCO-approved world heritage sites.
- One of the earliest prosthetic limbs produced by ancient Egypt was a toe made from leather, wood and thread dating between 950 and 710 B.C.

What is the currency of Egypt?

The official currency of Egypt is the Egyptian Pound (EGP).