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Northern Lights On Nordic Cruise

Imagine savouring exquisite Nordic cuisine amidst breathtaking fjords and coastal wonders of Norway's rugged beauty. Mesmerising, isn't it? Presenting the luxurious Havila Cruises where you can experience luxury, environmental stewardship, and exploration on an unforgettable maritime adventure under the Northern Lights and Midnight Sun!
Featuring modern aesthetics and eco-friendly technologies. Havila Cruise is a beacon of sustainability incorporating cutting-edge propulsion technology such as LNG-powered (liquified natural gas) engines. Furthermore, these vessels have recycling and waste management systems that help reduce the carbon footprint. Advanced energy systems, such as LED (light emitting diode) lighting, maximise the ship`s fuel efficiency. The Kongsberg engine reduces CO2 emissions by 25% and NOx emissions by 90% compared to traditional diesel ones. The use of unnecessary plastic is restricted, and the food waste on board is limited to 75 grams per passenger daily.
The cruise is deeply committed to preserving the delicate ecosystems and adhering to strict regulations to prevent oil spills. So, journey with Havila and be a part of the sustainable practices in an unforgettable voyage through Norway's natural wonders. Make your booking with Travelwings today!

FAQs About Havila Cruises From Norway

What is Havila Voyages Cruise Company?

Havila Voyages offers a fleet of ships that embodies modern design and state-of-the-art facilities. It promises an eco-conscious journey that seeks to preserve the very landscapes it showcases. The cruise is not just a vacation but an immersion into the soul of a nation known for its coastal wonders. You can experience the wonders of the Norwegian Fjords, the Arctic Sea, and the Norwegian Coast, all premium destinations. These popular cruise packages, departing from Norwegian ports, offer travellers an unparalleled experience.

The Havila Voyages ships include the Havila Capella, Havila Castor, Havila Polaris and Havila Pollux. Book your journey with Travelwings now and get onboard!

What are the Top Things To Know About Havila Voyages Ships?

Havila Voyages takes pride in its contemporary, environmentally-conscious ships that prioritise passenger comfort:

  • Havila Cruise ship promises sustainable operations and environmentally friendly journeys
  • Spacious lounges with panoramic views ensure guests never miss a sight
  • World-class amenities
  • Advanced technology for navigation, ensuring passengers a seamless voyage
  • Spacious Panoramic View Staterooms (size 30 m²) and Lighthouse Suites (size 45 m²)
  • Experiences of Northern lights, Midnight Sun, Arctic Circle, North Cape, Wildlife Encounters & Icebergs
  • Choice of 1, 2, 3, 5, 6, & 11 nights sailings throughout the year
  • The menu includes top-class dishes made from raw materials from local producers and more.

What Onboard Amenities Can Passengers Expect with Havila Cruises?

The Havila Cruise ship offers its passengers a range of on-board amenities that include;

  • Promenade Deck & Viewpoint
  • Jacuzzi
  • Observation Lounge
  • Shops
  • Bow Lounge
  • A Room with recliners
  • Check-in reception
  • Conference Hall
  • Shopping
  • Free Wi-Fi
  • Free USB ports
  • TV in all Staterooms
  • Lively Bar
  • Restaurants such as the Havrand Restaurant with exotic views
  • Havly Cafe
  • Hildring Fine Dining
  • Gymnasium
  • Classy Accommodation and more

What Types Of Accommodations Are Available On Havila Cruises?

Havila Voyages' fleet of ships offers a range of accommodations with first-class amenities;

  • Seaview Superior & Seaview Superior Accessible Cabin
  • Deluxe Seaview Cabin
  • Panoramic Superior & Panoramic Deluxe Cabin
  • Balcony Deluxe & Balcony Accessible Cabin
  • Junior Suite with Balcony
  • Interior Cabins & Interior Accessibility Cabin
  • Lighthouse Suite

The ship's interior decor takes inspiration from nature's elements - mountains, sea, glaciers, and the sky. Several cabins have sea views, while others are inside the ship.

How Do I Reach The Havala Cruise Port Of Embarkment From UAE?

You can travel to the Bergen Cruise Port of embarkation via multiple transportation options and connecting flights, since direct flights from the UAE to Bergen, Norway, do not exist. However, there are direct flights from the UAE to Oslo, the capital city of Norway. The most popular airlines offering direct flights on this route are Emirates, Etihad Airways, and Qatar Airways. Upon reaching Oslo on an international flight, take a domestic flight to Bergen (Scandinavian Airlines or Norwegian Airlines are good choices) and then a convenient airport transfer via taxi to the port of embarkation.

What Is The Northern Lights Phenomena?

The Northern Lights, or the Aurora Borealis, are a captivating natural phenomenon. A natural light display like this occurs primarily near the poles of the Earth at high latitudes. When charged particles from the sun collide with the Earth's magnetic field, it causes the spectacle.
These particles then release energy as colourful lights that we see as a celestial dance. The display of green, pink, purple, and blue colours across the night sky creates fascinating visual phenomena.

What Is The Havila Northern Light Promise?

A round trip - Bergen-Kirkenes-Bergen from 1 October to 31 March, guarantees to give you a glimpse of the Northern Lights. If the Northern Lights do not appear during your voyage, you are entitled to a free six or seven-day cruise from Bergen to Kirkenes (Voyage North) or vice versa (Voyage South) for the next season`s Havila Northern Lights Promise period.

What Is The Midnight Sun Experience?

The Midnight Sun reigns supreme in the Arctic summers, casting aside the conventional notion of day and night. Experience the energy of endless days with the sun as your unwavering companion. The Midnight Sun experience is one-of-a-kind when time seems to stretch beyond its horizon, inviting you to embrace the spectacle.

What Are The Experiences Offered On Havila Cruises?

Havila Cruises offers exciting experiences, from witnessing the Northern Lights to kayaking the crystal clear waters of Norway to historical coastal city walks and bike rides. We share the topmost experiences with you;

Celestial Wonders:

Book an expedition cruise with Havila, particularly in winter, to witness the Northern Lights spectacle. Embrace the beauty of polar night as the cosmic dance sprinkles colours in the sky.

The cruise goes north beyond the Arctic Circle for the most radiant performance of the universe - The Midnight Sun. The spectacle unfolds its brilliance around June 21, during the summer solstice when daylight reigns supreme. Witness the magic of polar day when the sun never fades.

Wildlife Encounters:

Havila Cruises promises wildlife encounters that thrive in the icy Arctic landscape. Arctic wildlife beckons visitors with sightings of polar bears, foxes, whales, and seals.

Adventure Activities:

Havila Voyages is a chance to partake in various adventurous activities such as snowshoeing, kayaking and hiking. Book a winter voyage to experience the thrill of numerous activities in the icy scapes.

Coastal Tours:

Embark in a cultural immersion of Norwegian coastal towns and villages. Visit historical sites and museums to learn about the ways of Arctic life. Immerse in the local cultures while interacting with the communities during coastal city walks and bike rides.

Fjord Expeditions:

These cruises navigate through deep glacier-carved inlets to showcase the brilliance of breathtaking fjords. Passengers witness the wonders of cascading waterfalls and the tranquillity of the waters of the famous Geirangerfjord and Nærøyfjord.

From Which Different Locations Do Havila Voyage Ships Operate?

Havila Cruises sail from various Norwegian ports, connecting travellers to magnificent landscapes and fjords of Norway. With a choice of departure schedules, guests can pick routes suiting their itinerary.

Where Does Havila Cruises Travel To?

Havila Cruises travel to 34 ports along the Norwegian coast. Book your journey on the most eco-friendly ship, operating all year long, from Bergen to Kirkenes.

What Is The Best Time To Take a Havila Voyage Cruise From UAE?

The best time for a Havila Cruise from the UAE is between May and July for the 76 days of summer. It is when the Midnight Sun experience is at its brilliance.

We recommend you cruise between January to March or October to December for the Northern Lights Winter Voyage experience. Remember that the days get shorter as we progress from September to January and again longer from March onwards.

Secure your spot on the Havila Cruises with Travelwings today and guarantee yourself an unparalleled experience that's second to none!

Is Havila Voyages The Best Way To Explore The Waters Around Norway?

Yes! Embark on elegant vessels that cradle you in opulence, offering a symphony of luxury and adventure. Glide through the Arctic's icy wonders as Havila Cruises beckons with dreams at each port of call. Choose Havila Cruises, where luxury and eco-friendliness intertwine seamlessly. Make memories etched in waves of excellence with us.