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Take a break from your routine and brighten up your calendar with our affordable holidays to favorite international destinations that are unparalleled value for money. From top ranked hotels, airline tickets, and sight-seeing tours, our all-inclusive packages are easy on the pocket, and guaranteed to be fabulous fun.


Armenia Holiday Packages

Set beneath the Caucasus Mountains, with Europe to the West and Asia to the East, few countries offer such a combination of natural beauty and rich culture as Armenia.


Georgia Holiday Packages

Perfectly encapsulating both Georgia’s traditions and its future is Tbilisi, the country’s capital set in a deep valley over the Mtkvari River. Brightly colored, proudly cultural, and truly welcoming, Tbilisi is one of the highlights of the South Caucasus region, and a must-see for any visitor to the area.


Baku Holiday Packages

Baku is the capital of Azerbaijan, a fascinating country steeped in history and a mix of European, Asian, and Russian cultures which makes it unique, even within the surrounding region.


Bali Holiday Packages

Bali is more than one of Indonesia’s many beautiful islands: for many people, it is the ultimate holiday destination. With its great beaches, luxury and boutique resorts, endless expanses of bright green hills, and famously lovely people, Bali is a world unto itself within Indonesia.


Ukraine Holiday Packages

Ukraine is home to magical courtyards, routes and unparalleled peace. Explore Ukraine’s tourism haven with packages including hotels, return tickets, city tours, airport transferes and a lot more.


Thailand Holiday Packages

Thailand is one of the most popular destinations in South East Asia, and it is easy to see why: the country offers colorful temples and palaces, incredible beaches and island retreats, legendary parties, breathtaking nature, and one of the most exciting cities on earth as its capital.


Europe Holiday Packages

Not all European getaways are the same! Our special package is taking you to France and Switzerland- admire the Swiss Alps, the glittering Eiffel Tower, and take in the wonders of the City of Light with our 6 days all-inclusive package.


Kenya Holiday Packages

Whether they know it or not, Kenya is what most people think of when they think of Africa. Endless savannah offering thrilling safari experiences and a culture which goes back to the very roots of humanity make Kenya is one of the most fascinating places on Earth, with a variety of epic landscapes and unrivalled wildlife.


Sri Lanka Holiday Packages

A hidden gem of Asian culture, Sri Lanka packs a punch in a small space, with jaw-dropping ruins and monuments, a diverse and exciting wildlife, stunning beaches, incredible food, and - best of all - low prices.


Turkey Holiday Packages

Turkey is, famously, a bridge between Europe and Asia: Istanbul is the only city in the world where you can cross into another continent while going from one side of town to the other. But the old seat of the Ottoman Empire has much more to offer: from the almost surreal landscape of Cappadocia to some of the world’s most fascinating and archeological sites, Turkey presents endless possibilities for travelers.


Seychelles Holiday Packages

With its fine white sand beaches and stunning turquoise waters, the Seychelles is as close to paradise as it gets. Made up of 115 islands off the East African coast, this small country is one of the most popular destinations for tourists looking for a luxury tropical retreat.


Maldives Holiday Packages

Composed of almost 1,200 coral islands, the Maldives is a paradise on earth, attracting over a million tourists every year with its fine white sand beaches, turquoise waters, and luxury resorts.


Greece Holiday Packages

Greece is one of the world’s most popular tourist destinations, and it isn’t difficult see why. Bringing together the proud heritage of one of the world’s most influential ancient cultures and the beauty of the Mediterranean’s sun-drenched islands, Greece brings together culture, beauty, relaxation, and – perhaps most importantly - fun.


Singapore Holiday Packages

An independent island city sitting beneath peninsular Malaysia, Singapore packs a lot in a small space: whether it is for the dazzling futuristic urban landscapes, peaceful beaches, stunning nature reserves, or some of Asia’s best shopping, there are a million reasons to visit Singapore.


Malaysia Holiday Packages

Malaysia brings together the best of Southeast Asia into its territory: beautiful beaches and islands, adventure-filled jungle, incredible wildlife, and sprawling cityscapes. Combine this with a rich diversity of people, foods, and landscapes, and you have the reason why Malaysia is quickly becoming an essential destination for travelers to Southeast Asia.


Ecuador Holiday Packages

Want a getaway to exotic Ecuador? We have the most unique itinerary ready for you! Explore the heart and soul of the country with tours covering historic Quito, Galapagos & Guayaquil, and witness awe-inspiring peace and flawless nature. Don't miss out on this seamless vacation. Book today!


Chile Holiday Packages

Chile is South America's adventure paradise known for its beautiful diverse landscapes including deserts, beaches, glaciers and forests. Experience picturesque views, breathtaking National Parks, or just take in the big city vibes in Santiago- you'll never run out of options to explore.


Brazil Holiday Packages

One of the largest and most exciting countries, Brazil is home to world famous rain forests, beautiful oceans, fantastic festivals and a colorful culture full of life. Stunning landscapes, strongest coffees and the friendliest locals await your arrival, book your to experience a party like no other.


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