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The first ever name for Mauritius was Dina Arobi before Portuguese sailors found it, then Dutch and then the French and then the British arrived and made their marks, traces of each of these influences can be found still today. The Island has a little sister too and this is Rodrigues where flights connect the two. The nature and the unexpected wonders are evident if you do decide to leave the beach resort you have chosen from among more than a 100 to pick from as well as other town and city hotels. The city of Port Louis is the capital and is a bustling madness and mix of Asian, Indian, Creole, French, English and as more and more visitors learn about the island, the mix is further enriched and this city is the fastest growing city in the region. The food is another attraction and has unique dishes that the islanders call their own such as the Salade dóurite, an Octopus specialty.

Being at the Ocean, or rather on the ocean is exciting with all the various water sports there are including 2 man jet ski’s that are based at the famous Black river. The hotels and resorts all have their own and contracted out companies that make a day at the beach an amazing fun memory. Whether your travel is as a family, alone, with a loved one or with friends, this is the place to seek out and confirm on. The beach sand in many areas is like powder and contrasts with the beauty of the rough and sharp coral that makes the water colour so appealing on the North, West South and East of the island. Once you have been to Mauritius you will want to do more of the Indian Ocean for sure as there are 10 island nations to consider but overall, Mauritius takes the top spot.

Top Experiences in Mauritius

Blue Penny Museum

A visit to Port Louis must include time at this museum. It is located at the Caudan waterfront and was opened in November in 2001. The one-penny and two-pence stamps of 1847 are just a tiny, yet important, part of what is on display for the interested.

St. Aubin
Sugar plantations keep the history of Mauritius’ trade safe and sound with places like St. Aubin. This 19th century plantation is famous for it’s meals in the dining room at the main manor house. The experience takes on back to days gone by.

Tamarin Beach

Before it’s first name Santosha, this beach never had one. It was kept a secret and now it is a paradise known well to local surfers in the past although surfing has now become more popular down toward Le Morne.

Vallee de Ferney

This valley take up 200 hectares and is protected and is now a preserved forest. The Biodiversity is unreal and the fact that it is open 7 days a week make it a great excursion away from the hotel’s property.

Sights in Mauritius

Le Morne Brabant
(Le Morne)

Seven Colored Earths

Notre Dame Auxiliatrice
(Cap Malheureux)

Crystal Rock
(Le Morne)

Tamil Surya Oudaya Sangam Temple
(Grand Baie)

Ile du Phare


Kite surfing
Mauritius offers some excellent opportunities for Kite surfing. You won’t be disappointed as you have the best of Africa and Asia in Mauritius. Le Morne, famous for surfing since the early 1970's is the best place to surf. Anse-la-Raie and Cap Malheureux to Post Lafayette, Belle-Mare and Pointe d’Esny are other renowned places.

Tandem Sky Diving
If you want to feel like a bird, then tandem sky diving is your sport. And you get a bird's eye view of the gorgeous Mauritius too !It is an exhilarating and a unique experience. Tandem sky diving takes around 4 to 5 hours that also includes your get basic training and briefing session.

Over 300 kilometres of coastline, coral reefs, turquoise water lagoons- the island of Mauritius offers an amazing diving experience. Enjoy scuba diving, snorkelling, glass bottom boat rides, or simply opt for an undersea walk wearing a helmet and weight belt.

Blue Safari Submarine
Sit in a comfortable air-conditioned cabin and go as deep as 35 meters under the sea. Blue Safari Submarine is a 45 minute journey that shows you around a ship wreck, corals and an anchor that dates back to 17th century. Extremely romantic yet adventurous, it is an experience that must not be missed.


Escale Creole

Gourmet Grill Mauritius
(Grand Baie)

(Flic En Flac)

(Grand Baie)

Le Off
(Grand Baie)

1974, da Antonio e Giulia
(Trou aux Biches)


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