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The most unique island destination on Earth and the calm ocean water will surprise and delight many from around the world but will definitely relax all who arrive to spend well needed time out. Almost 1200 islands make this holiday central with resorts and hotels to surprise even the fussiest holiday-maker. Some islands have nothing but beach sand, some have only a palm tree and tiny fishing boats. The beach sand is an attraction on each island as it is the softest around contrasting with the water with it’s own unique heavenly blend of cyan ocean blue. If anywhere was to be called paradise, this is it.

It often feels like you are on your own private island as it seems there are no crowds and this makes the Maldives the quintessential honeymoon destination. Divers, families, single travellers and movie stars all find the Maldives the right destination to totally relax and unwind with more than a hundred resorts to choose from and to match all travel budgets and expectations of luxury and pampering or to indulge in solitude and a perfect soul feeding experience. The main international airport MLE is right near the capital Male and hosts many a market and reflections of the long history involving Hindi, Islam and merchants from far and wide.

Top Experiences in Maldives

Trudge to Male: The Markets

The Produce market and the Fish Market are the most exciting to see in Male. They give a great idea on how life goes when not on the tranquil islands.

The National Museum
The history of the Maldives is displayed at the National museum which is a collection of some amazing artefacts.

Swim with the fishes: Rasdhoo Madivaru

Also referred to as Hammerhead Point, it’s a challenging dive on an outer reef where hammerhead sharks swim frequently.

Bask in Maldivian culture: Diverse, flavourful grub

Maldivian cuisine is heavily influenced by India and Sri Lanka. Seafood and coconuts are part of the local Maldivian meals.

Sights in Maldives

Fua Mulaku:
Maldivian archipelago

South Nilandhoo Atoll

Mirihi Islands:

Maldives National Museum:
Male, Maldives

Grand Friday Mosque:
Male, Maldives

Medhuziyaarai Magu, Henveiru, Malé 20115, Maldives


Catamaran Sailing
This sport will delight you in truest of sense. Sailing in the blue waters of Maldives will make you fall in love once again, but this time with the nature. Sailing in the wonderful ocean observing beautiful islands from a distance with such serenity is just mesmerizing a moment.

Enjoying this sport in the marvelous water of blue ocean in Maldives brings in a great feel to the heart. Paddling your boat yourself and driving it in the mid of this vast monster is a real fun.

Snorkeling in Maldives is a sport that lets even the non-swimmers explore the hidden secrets of the underwater world. All you need are your masks and fins. You can observe the real depth of the ocean. It is one of the best water activities in Maldives.

Big Game Fishing
Fishing, sounds quite ordinary right? But what about the fishing game that may include your confrontation with some of the rarest species like Tuna, Sailfish, and more? Obviously, you cannot expect a casual fishing game at a place like Maldives, the hub of water sports.


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