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The most famous of Indonesia’s island attracts holiday makers from all corners of the globe. Surfers, Yogi’s, families, couples, artists and the intrepid traveller as well as the luxury seeker.

This island is diverse and is framed by many beautiful beaches all having a different attraction. Kuta is the most cosmopolitan and dotted with the backpacker traveller all over while Seminyak and Kerobokan are jewels and the artist colony of Ubud is a haven for all sorts of crafts, puppets and paintings. The feel of Bali is what one will keep in the memory banks. The value and what one gets for the money spent is even more pleasing. The island of Lombok is also easy to get to and worth a side trip. The local population love visitors and it shows, the conversations are endless and so much to share between visitor and host alike. The hotels are splendid and resorts with the unmistakable signature roofing which showcases Indonesian design. There are fewer crowds on northern and Western parts and this is popular with the surfers who want it chilled while catching amazing waves. The topography of the island is exciting and diverse and the mix of nature and hillside temples make perfect photographs. Music and dance are in many of the Balinese people’s nature and the atmosphere provides the holiday maker with an unforgettable memory of South-East Asia.

Top Experiences in Bali

Gunung Kawi

This is one of the oldest monuments in Bali. It has 10 shrines cut from rock and these memorials are 8 meters high with very interesting features.

Sacred Monkey Forest Sanctuary
Officially this is called the Mandala Wisata Wanara Wana. There are 3 holy temples and the entire place is over-run with macaques.

Museum Negeri Propinsi Bali

Every visit to Bali should include time spent here. Balinese architecture, mythical creatues, textiles rich in colour and texture, prehistoric animals and objects relating to a time gone by.

Sights in Bali

Tanah Lot Temple:

Uluwatu Temple:

Tegallalang Rice Terraces:

Kintamani and Mount Batur:
North-western Bali

Ubud Monkey Forest:

Bali Safari and Marine Park:


Climb Gunung Batur
Gunung Batur is Bali’s most active volcano, letting off steam and unsettling tremors spontaneously to keep the island’s residence on their toes. In the past, Batur has had a number of small eruptions every few years, with the last main eruption taking place in 1963.

Flying Fish, Tanjung Benoa Beach
Here’s a wild idea: strap yourself into a rubber boat attached to a speedboat and flap and fly into the air like a flying fish. Three rubber banana boats are combined together with "wings" on either side so that its shape actually looks like a fish fin.

Jet Packs and Jet Bikes, Nusa Dua
Ever wondered what it would feel like to be Ironman or AstroBoy flying from the ground and up into the air? Well, strapping a Jet Pack on your back and being lifted up to 30 feet into the air at 30 miles per hour may be as close as you’re going to get (for now).

ATV Quad biking, Ubud
Fancy a bit of extreme sports, but exercise and pushing your body to its utmost limits isn’t your thing? Then hop on an ATV and let the Quad bike do the work for you. An ATV Quad bike is basically a four-wheeled motorbike that can handle a range of natural terrains.


CasCades Restaurant

Bawang Merah Beachfront Restaurant:
(Budung Regency)

Balique: Kabupaten

Mozaic: Kabupaten

Bumbu Bali:
Kabupaten (Badung)

Poppies Restaurant:
Kabupaten (Badung)


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