Jet Airways

Jet Airways online Booking

Jet Airways is India’s premier international airline which provides one of the finest experiences across the skies. The airline focuses on innovation has propelled the airline to become one of India’s finest and favourite domestic and international Airline.

On-Board Jet Airways

Jet Airways fly’s to various destinations to and from the Middle East. Some of these destinations include Abu Dhabi, Dubai, Muscat, Kuwait, Riyadh ad Sharjah.
Jet Airways has enjoyed many successes which are proven by some of the awards highlighted below:
  • Changi Airline Awards 2015 – Absolue growth in passenger carriage category
  • Freddie Award 2008 for program of the year
  • TTG travel Asia Award 2005 for Best Domestic Flight

Flight Connectivity and Fleet Information

Jet Airways passengers to and from the Middle East allowing customers to use the online booking system to facilitate travel arrangements.
The airline has over 100 aircraft in service that include Airbuses and Boeing aircraft. The pride of Jet Airways is shown in its comfort for passengers for all flights between destinations.

Services and Baggage Allowance

The frequent flyer program that belonging to Jet Airways, JetPrivilege, allows for passengers to enjoy on the ground services like bus and shuttle transfers, as well as fast tracking immigration options for Gold and silver members.
Jet Airways allows you to carry 30 kgs of checked in baggage, however if you are a JetPrivilege member you can take some additional baggage as well up to 50 kgs for platinum members. Click here for more details on the baggage allowance.